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For the last few months Trish and I have had it on our hearts that we would love to help someone in need.  Immediately the Miller family came to our minds, if you do not remember them, or are new to following my blog, you can click here to see pictures that I had taken of the birth of their son this past Februaury.  When they had contacted me last year about their story, I was so touched and immediately felt a connection with them.  They were not sure that their son would make it even one day after his birth, and now six months later Isaiah is still with his family.  You can visit their blog at to hear their entire journey…just make sure that you click on the archives section on the side bar so you can fully understand all that they have been through.

Because Isaiah has many medical conditions they need to take him to CHOP often.  We would like to help them by relieving them from some of the many medical bills that they have incurred.  After you have read their story I am sure that you will feel the same way that I did, they are an amazing family and  have stood strong through all the trials they have been through.  They have kept their eyes on God and are trusting in Him to direct their path with decisions concerning their son.

This is how I would like to help…

Starting now until November 30th I am going to give half of all portrait session sitting fees toward the families medical expenses.  There have been many people who have contacted me about getting their family portraits taken for the upcoming holiday’s, now is the time to do it!  Contact me now to set up your time to do a session!

I would love for everyone reading this to send this to one other person, and that person to send it on, so we can reach as many people as possible to spread the word about this family.  If you would just like to donate financially to the family without getting your pictures taken, you can do that too.  Contact me via email at or call me, 267-328-7457, to see how you can give back.



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