The Inn at Chester Springs wedding | Rachel & Steve

Rachel & Steve you are on their honeymoon right now enjoying the surf (as you will see them doing in a picture below) and sand of Jamaica, making ME want to go somewhere warm and sunny as I write this!  I was introduced to the two of them through a volleyball friend of Trish’s.  They met through volleyball and have since then been a match (yes, pun intended).  Their fun/happy personalities kept everyone so relaxed throughout the day.  I don’t normally show formal shots here on my blog but I felt that I needed to on this post as an example, that if you (the bride & groom) have fun and truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day, those vibes will spread throughout your bridal party and family.  We all laughed so much that my cheeks got a great workout.

Congrats Rachel & Steve and we wish you all the best!

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