Expectant Mother’s Guide to Philadelphia | Cover Photo

If you are expecting or just visiting the doctor for your routine checkup, you might have picked up one of these magazines in the waiting room…

I was so excited when I received the news from the publication manager at Expectant Mother’s Guide about using one of my photos on the front cover of the magazine.  She showed me the mock up before it went to print but it’s different when the magazine is in your hand.  We are so honored!  Being on the front cover of this magazine is only possible because Kate is absolutely gorgeous and her fun personality is amazing to photograph.

If you’ve worked with me or met with me at any time you may have heard me say that when I started my business, my number 1 goal was to develop a good relationship with my clients.  Why am I saying this, because Kate & Scott  are a great example of this, they have trusted my not only with their wedding photos but with Kate’s maternity pictures and their family photos. This example is by far my number one goal in my business. Below is the shot they used for the magazine.


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