Bethany & Tom :: Day After Session

Bethany & Tom were married back in September of 2009.  If you remember their wedding from following my work, you would remember that it was pretty much pouring rain for their entire wedding day.  If you are new to my blog and you missed seeing their wedding, no worries… you can see it by clicking here.  After being very limited to the outside world on their wedding day we decided to do a “Day After Session”, and I couldn’t be more happier about it.  I just love shooting these for a couple reasons… 1) everyone is much more relaxed and stress free! 🙂 2) There are no time restraints, which makes me smile 🙂  3) You (bride) get to put that expensive dress back on and totally ROCK it out! 🙂

Yes… it was crazy cold!  I love this shot of Bethany getting ready to do the runway model thing.


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