Bethany & Tom :: Harrisburg Wedding

A couple weeks ago Bethany & Tom’s wedding was in Harrisburg, Pa and it was a good one.  Despite a few rain drops, the day went very smooth.  Bethany and Tom were just so laid back and relaxed and they had so much fun on their wedding day.  Both of them were very willing to do whatever and go where ever to get great photos, even if it meant getting a little wet. 🙂

I started off at the church where Bethany was getting ready.

bt43bt45bt44bt42bt41bt40bt39After a few portrait outside we headed back inside for more…

bt38bt37bt36bt35bt34bt33I had just enough time for a few with Tommy before the ceremony started…


A huge thanks to Jen Baltgalvis for joining me for the day.  She spent the morning with the guys.  Also, thank you to my wife who came along just to be with me! 🙂  She was holding my off camera light for this next shot.

bt31bt29bt30During the ceremony we were not allowed in past the back pew… and, oh yeah, NO flash.  Thank you Nikon for making amazing equipment for me to use! 🙂  All of my ceremony photos were shot at ISO 6400.  It was Dark in there!

bt28bt27br27bt26bt25bt24bt23bt22bt1bt21bt20Some of the awesome details…

bt19bt17bt16bt18bt15bt13bt14My wife Trish shot available light and got this shot… I love it!  for you photographers out there, it was shot at 8000 ISO 🙂

bt12bt11bt10bt8bt3bt6bt5We were able to sneak outside fore a few more photos in the rain…



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