Baby I

Today I spent the better part of my day with a couple, as they would meet their son Isaiah for the first time!  I was contacted by her sister in law about a month ago and was asked if I would be able to take pictures their baby when he was born because they didn’t know how long after birth he would make it due to many complications he was having during pregnancy.  I immediately responded “yes” and felt honored to provide pictures of this moment in their lives! You can click here to view the entire story of Isaiah’s journey on their blog.  It was so nice to talk to with both of them prior to the C-Section and find out that they both have a strong faith in God and understand that He is in complete control of every situation. The doctors at Chop are working hard to diagnose Isaiah’s condition.

Congratulations guys and our prayers are with you guys!

I arrived at Chop at around 7:30am to talk a little with them and to get a couple shots of them before he was born.



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