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About a year and half ago I started working with this family capturing the entire process from the time Jillian was 25 weeks pregnant all the way up until KJ turned one.  Jillian is a great friend of my wife and I was really excited to work with her and her husband!  During the maternity stage we would get together and take a photo each week at the same location and try to come up with a different photo each time.  After KJ was born we did newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months portraits.  His one year portraits were done recently during one of the many snow storms we had here in Pa.  I loved the Carhartt gear KJ was wearing.  The entire process was so much fun and I can’t wait until I can do this again for someone!

0001000200030004000500060007000800090010001100120013001400150016Newborn…0017NOTE:  If you are a photographer and you do newborns, PLEASE don’t put the babies in dangerous poses!  I had a hand on the Tonka Truck at ALL times.  I used photoshop to remove the hand later.  Keep the babies safe. 🙂001800193 Months…002000216 Months…002200239 Months…0024002500261 Year…0027002800290030


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